"What if you could point to any wall in the world and KIWIE will go to paint it... Any single wall, including your own with stuff like this..! Sounds like total bullshit, right? Wrong! Sounds real to me!
One small problem. As KIWIE is a bum, and things like planes and paints cost a bit. He really dunno how much time it will take to paint your wall accidentally. So he's looking for donations. Visit TheKiwie.com and no matter where you are, from Zimbabwe, Alaska, Moscow or Latvia.. you can choose how much you want to donate, even if it's as little as one euro. From everyone who donates he will randomly choose one lucky bastard and travel all the way to boom their wall. All this is going to be on tape, so no cheating is possible. Also everyone who donates will receive a KIWIE sticker pack specially made for this action. How cool is this? Support this idea and KIWIE will help you to get some fucking fun! "